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05 April 2013 @ 12:10 am
Erotica I typed up.  

There is so little time.

Knowing that she was going in expecting some sort of D/s aspect arise, she walked up the side walk. His presence made her smile only after a slight sigh. It's been too long since they embraced but due to the circumstances this was a moment that they would have to admire. No use dwelling on the lack of time. There's so little time in the world anyway.

She waited for the moment of when he would throw her on the bed. The moment where he would wrap his big arms around her and she would melt into his kiss. It always happened this way. Normal kisses at the door, just a doorway away keeping them from the melting. She desired the melting. Craved it. This sensation was the reason she knew she could take this journey with him. Her entire being melted into him and would let go. That's when you know.

Finally they walked through the doorway.. The moment. She sat on the bed, welcoming him to join her. Such a silly thing considering its not even her bed. Finally he pounced on her. She felt his arms wrap around her as they fell against the soft comforter. Their lips formed around each other. Ahhh, the melting.

Tangled in the others embrace. Such a passionant feeling. There is nothing like the way he pulls her hair. It's not any normal hair pulling... It's the type that gives him what he wants. Her neck exposed. That's her weakness. Kiss, lick or bite her neck, that makes her yours. He knows this. He's seen her eyes roll back as her head fell back as far as it could.

She felt it, those wonderful lips of his pressed against her smooth skin. There it was. The moment she had been thinking of since they discussed seeing eachother. What a lovely moment. This leads to everything. She's his. Every part of her. It only takes this for her to cave. Oh why is it so easy for her to give herself to him just from one simple gesture..

The rest of the time seemed to pass so quickly, the time like a tornado, their bodies floating around in it. Everything became such a blur to her, all she could think of was his body pressed against hers. Their clothes were so restricting. Eventually some shed, some stayed. What did it matter in a make out session like this? His lips so amazing. Her legs wrapped around him. She could feel him through his pants. What a wonderful feeling, knowing how bad he craved her. Knowing it was just as bad as she craved him.

They rolled around the bed for a good amount of time. She teased him knowing that if she pressed her ass into him enough she would be able to hear him growl. She loved that growl. She loved when he would grab both sides of her hips and ram her ass against his body. Knowing that he liked it so much but also hated it from the teasing. She did tease him so.. Every once in a while glancing back at him just to give him that fuck me look.

His fingers roamed her body as much as they could. Enough clothing had been removed for her to feel release. She loved his hands as much as his mouth. The power of them together made her legs shake. They were such a powerful force together.. Making moans escape her mouth like she has never heard herself make before.

Finally at one point his mouth was on her, his fingers inside of her.. She couldn't help but spread her legs wider and press his head into her. It wasn't possible for his mouth to be any more on her clit than it was. She desired for him to be much closer though.. Shivers were sent throughout her body as she raised her hips hoping to get him even closer. She felt it coming. The moment she knew she had longed for. It had been so long since she had someone who's mouth could make her soak sheets. She felt her legs shiver and the rush came over her. It seemed to last forever. He came up to her lips and kissed her. There was nothing like tasting herself on his lips.

Her mouth spread to a smile and she wanted more of him. Time didn't permit that they would get more though. There's never enough time. Throughout the evening they pressed themselves into each other. Distracting each other from mundane tasks for simple seconds. Slight moments of a hand on him or a hand on her but nothing like the moments before.

Stealing kisses and gropes over conversation. Finally enough teasing. He pressed her against the door behind her and they pawed at each others bodies. He pulled her hair and pushed her down to his waist. Unbuttoning his shorts, she knew she wanted to feel him in her mouth right there. To wrap her lips around him, to feel him at the back of her throat. This is what he wanted as well, she could tell. He pressed his hands against the back of her head as she took him in.

Nothing felt more pleasing than taking him all in. Her mouth full of him. He shoved her mouth up and down on him, her slightly choking on him. She loved this.. She just wanted to please, to take him all in as tears filled her eyes. She desired him to choke her with his dick, and he would. Over and over again she felt his head pressing against the back of her throat. This feeling is what made her really feel as his.

As she kneeled at his feet, choking on his dick with tears in her eyes, one of his hands on the back of her head and one hand on her face she realized she would give into him for anything he craved. No one had made her feel this way, no one had ever made her feel this owned. No one had ever filled this craving of hers as much as he just did in that moment.

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